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My wife and I have lived at Highgate Senior Living for nearly one year. The one thing that stands out to me is the outstanding degree of commitment all staff have for the wellbeing of all residents there is a continuing effort to do everything they can to make our lives here the best possible.
Image of Ron and Marcia
Ron and Marcia
Resident Couple - Billings, MT

Testimonials from - Vancouver

The reason why I love my job here at Highgate is because we are treated like a family. I feel as every day I come into work that I am welcomed by my team mates and my residents. There is never a bad day when working for this company.
Image of Karigan B.
Karigan B.
Team Member - Vancouver, WA
The teamwork caught me but the residents keep me.
Image of Donna S.
Donna S.
Team Member - Vancouver, WA
I’m here for the residents and my team is my family.
Image of Jennifer E.
Jennifer E.
Team Member - Vancouver, WA
I love working at Highgate. I can’t wait to see the residents every day when I walk in the door. The relationships I have formed here have greatly enriched my life.
Image of Sarah H.
Sarah H.
Receptionist - Vancouver, WA
Highgate has good energy, a good environment, a family feel, and the best residents and team members. This is one of my favorite jobs to come to.
Image of Michele W.
Michele W.
Team Member - Vancouver, WA
I like the close knit family vibe in the community and the relationships I have with the residents.
Image of Zenovia E.
Zenovia E.
Team Member - Vancouver, WA
My husband and I were both very ill when we moved into Highgate. After he passed, I decided to sell my home and stay. They offer many events that I would not be doing if living at home. Also, I have made many new friends. It is a nice place to live.
Image of Barbara G.
Barbara G.
Resident - Vancouver, WA
I feel lucky to be able to live here at Highgate. When I first came here I was in a wheelchair. With the help of the caregivers and staff I am now using a walker and pretty much on my own. I have made some good friends and enjoy the special activities they offer and the menu is great!
Image of Sally M.
Sally M.
Resident - Vancouver, WA
I appreciate the kindness, care and concern the staff shows to everyone. They are always there when I need them.
Image of Phyllis R.
Phyllis R.
Resident - Vancouver, WA