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My wife and I have lived at Highgate Senior Living for nearly one year. The one thing that stands out to me is the outstanding degree of commitment all staff have for the wellbeing of all residents there is a continuing effort to do everything they can to make our lives here the best possible.
Image of Ron and Marcia
Ron and Marcia
Resident Couple - Billings, MT

Testimonials from - Prescott

I love living here because everyone is so warm and kind to me.
Image of Marion S.
Marion S.
Resident - Prescott, AZ
I enjoy the company, the people, and most importantly, the food!
Image of Lin V.
Lin V.
Resident - Prescott, AZ
This is my home where I can be myself and drink as much yummy iced tea as I want!
Image of W.H.
Resident - Prescott, AZ
Highgate is a positive and healthy environment with lots of smiling faces and helpful people.
Image of Kathy
Receptionist - Prescott, AZ
This is my happy place! I have such a strong love for the residents and it gives me such joy to serve.
Image of Nancy
Community Resource Manager - Prescott, AZ
Honestly, this is the job I never knew that I always wanted. The highest calling is being in service to people. For real!
Image of John S.
John S.
Team Member - Prescott, AZ
The team members are all so friendly. Where do they find such patient people to work here? We’ve been here 2+ years and I can honestly say that we have never had a bad day here.
Image of Ed and Kathleen
Ed and Kathleen
Resident Couple - Prescott, AZ