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Our Mission

Our Mission at Highgate Senior Living is to help every resident live each day to the fullest, regardless of age or ailments.

Not all senior living communities are created equal. We hope you’ll consider a move to ours.

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About Highgate

Highgate Senior Living has over 25 years of building community. That's 25 years of experience and expertise ensuring that all of our residents live a life on purpose. After opening our first community in Bellingham, WA in 1995, we saw the need for quality, resident-focused care and expanded our communities in Washington then to Montana, Arizona and California. Each community leading with the same mission of every resident living their life to the fullest.

Every choice that we make is in the best interest of every Highgate resident. Whether that is through using our holistic first approach to care, our nutritious and delicious dining, or our diverse daily activities focusing on living purposefully – we are proud to work where our residents live. Book a tour today and see/feel the difference yourself.  

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