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My wife and I have lived at Highgate Senior Living for nearly one year. The one thing that stands out to me is the outstanding degree of commitment all staff have for the wellbeing of all residents there is a continuing effort to do everything they can to make our lives here the best possible.
Image of Ron and Marcia
Ron and Marcia
Resident Couple - Billings, MT

Testimonials from - Great Falls

I am very happy here, everyone is wonderful.
Image of Ginny H.
Ginny H.
Resident - Great Falls, MT
The best part of working at Highgate is the quality time we get to spend with residents.
Image of Loni K.
Loni K.
Team Member - Great Falls, MT
I appreciate all the care I receive here at Highgate.
Image of Marj M.
Marj M.
Resident - Great Falls, MT
At Highgate we always have our resident’s best interest in mind.
Image of Marlena A.
Marlena A.
Community Relations Coordinator - Great Falls, MT