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My wife and I have lived at Highgate Senior Living for nearly one year. The one thing that stands out to me is the outstanding degree of commitment all staff have for the wellbeing of all residents there is a continuing effort to do everything they can to make our lives here the best possible.
Image of Ron and Marcia
Ron and Marcia
Resident Couple - Billings, MT

Testimonials from - Billings

The best part about living here is the employees who work here. They are so kind and will do anything I ask them to do!
Image of Marjorie F.
Marjorie F.
Manor Resident - Billings, MT
What I like about living at Highgate is that there is always people around, I’d run away without my friends here! The staff are incredible and I am sure you only hire the best! The music and theatre space are just wonderful.
Image of Audry T.
Audry T.
Resident - Billings, MT
I love working at Highgate because it is more of a passion than a job for me. Our residents are more like family than residents, we are close and connected with everyone.
Image of Crystal B.
Crystal B.
Team Member - Billings, MT
My favorite thing about Highgate is being a preferred care partner showing them my devotion and integrity while helping them live life to the fullest with purpose and fulfilling their needs and comfort.
Image of Janet D.
Janet D.
Team Member - Billings, MT