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Unique Holistic Approach

We use a holistic first approach when caring for our residents; getting to know each of them as a whole. Mentally, physically and emotionally.


We Are Holistic Health Care Advocates

At Highgate, we advocate for a holistic health care approach in how we care for our residents, getting to know each person as a whole – mentally, physically and emotionally. It’s one of the many ways we take senior care to the next level.

In the beginning, we offered aromatherapy and spa baths, with our signature scents and relaxing foot massages. But the idea of holistic health care at Highgate has evolved into such areas as making sure the medications our residents take are right and necessary, and advocating with their families and physicians to provide a personalized program of care.

Holistic also means offering alternative ways to boost memory and health, through exercise, proper eating and hydration, and finding ways each day to keep our residents fully engaged in life.

“Often one holistic remedy creates another. We let them know our philosophies from the start, and a lot of times that’s what attracts them to Highgate”
Image of LaTresh Walker
LaTresh Walker
Director of Healthcare at Highgate Temecula

Holistic Senior Health Resources

Seniors live healthier and happier lives when receiving wholesome care. Find our Holistic Approach resources here to help you take care of your loved one’s mind, body and soul.