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Why Highgate

The reasons to choose Highgate Senior Living are as varied and individual as the residents who live here. We offer personalized care that ranges from independent living to assisted living to memory care as well as hospice care and everything in-between.


Not All Senior Living Communities are Created Equal. We hope You’ll Consider Ours.

We provide mouthwatering, made-from-scratch meals that are as delicious as they are nutritious. We take a holistic approach to senior care, getting to know each person as a whole in order to fully support their health and happiness. We believe that no matter what stage of aging a resident is in, he or she can live a purposeful life filled with meaning and joy – and it is our purpose to support that each day.

Unique Holistic Approach

Through our very own aromatherapy line, teas and more, we advocate for a holistic health care approach in how we care for our residents, getting to know each person as a whole – mentally, physically and emotionally.

Purposeful Living

We really get to know our residents – their stories, their families, their interests and their passions. Our mission at Highgate is to devote ourselves to helping every resident live a life of purpose.

Positive Approach to Care (PAC)

Our care partners are trained in Teepa Snow's internally renowned Positive Physical Approach™ which improves chances of positive interactions and focuses on what’s left, not what’s lost.

Full Care for All

Our senior care services are completely customized for as much as people need and not more than they want. No matter how our residents choose to live, the care they receive is unique.

Nutritious, Delicious Food

We always take pride in the food we serve and the nutrition behind each bite! Choice is a high priority. You choose not only what to eat, but when to eat, with all-day, restaurant-style dining.

Highgate Offers Signature Programs for Your Care

We're passionate about living each day to the fullest. Learn more about the signature programs offered at Highgate Senior Living Facilities in our complimentary eBook.