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Positive Approach to Care (PAC)

We use a gentle, unique and internationally renowned approach when it comes to memory care.


Our Positive Approach to Care

Dementia is Complex

With dementia, the brain is changing frequently, which presents a constant challenge for all involved. To make matters more complicated, there are many forms of dementia, and each individual experience is different. Some people are pleasantly confused while others express their frustration and anger by shouting or striking out. According to Teepa Snow, through heightened sensitivity, appropriate care, meaningful activities and exposure to music, living with dementia can be a much more positive experience.

Using a Positive Approach to Memory Care

Our care partners are certified in Teepa Snow’s internationally renowned Positive Approach to Care™ and Positive Physical Approach™. Both focus on improving the chances of positive interactions with our memory care residents. It's about what’s left, not what’s lost. What can be done, rather than what can’t.

Team members also receive GEM™ training which uses precious gem colors that coincide with typical traits at various stages of dementia – a positive way to help us better understand and interact with someone who might seem beyond reach. We don’t stop residents from performing tasks they are having difficulty doing, but rather suggest an easier or different way of doing it. Together, our team members find common talking points and practices to help each other best serve our residents’ needs and desires. The key is to respect the person living with dementia as the productive adult that they are.

Highgate does everything in our power to help those living with dementia to make the most of what they have left – physically, mentally and emotionally – so that we can support them, along with all our assisted living residents, in living each day to the fullest.

I appreciate the kindness, care and concern the staff shows to everyone. They are always there when I need them.
Image of Phyllis R.
Phyllis R.
Resident - Vancouver, WA