Highgate Senior Living offers a purposeful life at our communities.

Life at Highgate Senior Living is purpose driven

Purposeful living at Highgate Senior Living

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The list goes on and on. When we're young, we're busy. We're active. We're involved. We're needed. We have friends and family members and employers and people who depend on us.

As we age, this can change. Many elderly people no longer work. Their kids and grandkids may be wrapped up with their own busy lives. They may have friends who've passed away. They may have lost a spouse. They may feel aimless and disconnected and lonely. They may no longer feel a sense of purpose.

This can cause energy loss, depression and even illness.

That's why our mission at Highgate is to devote ourselves to helping every resident live a life of purpose. This means that we really get to know our residents – their stories, their families, their interests and their passions – so that no matter what age or what ailment, we can support them in living a meaningful and fulfilling life.

Purposeful living at Highgate Senior Living

We believe the secret to living well, well into old age, is engagement. Staying mentally, physically, socially and spiritually engaged helps stave off unhappiness, senility and ill-health. Part of putting this into practice is remembering what it is you love to do and then continuing to do it. The other part is being open to new experiences, making new friends and learning new skills. Helping residents do these things is our purpose.