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Perhaps the best way to understand what it is to be a Highgate employee is to understand our core values. These comprise the soul of our company, and these are the qualities we look for in every person we hire.

Integrity means that we inspire trust and respect because we are always honest, reliable and genuine.

Devotion means that we go above and beyond what is required because we are passionate about serving others and excelling at our work.

Innovation means that we constantly look for new and better ways to help our residents, run our communities, and stay on the cutting edge of senior care.

Energy means that we come to work each day with a positive attitude and an eagerness to pour ourselves into the tasks at hand.

Leadership means that we set standards in our category, continuously evolving so that others want to emulate us.

If this is a career and company that interests you, contact the community in which you'd like to work, and ask about becoming a Highgate employee. We're always looking for good people.  Follow the link for more information on careers at Highgate Senior Living.

Rewarding careers at Highgate Senior Living