Fine dining at  Highgate Senior Living

Gourmet dining options at Highgate Senior Living

Dining options at Highgate Senior Living

Much of the credit goes to Khalid Iraqui, Highgate's Director of Dining Services. Khalid brings to Highgate over 20 years of experience as a chef at high-end restaurants and hotels. He attended culinary school in Paris and has gained extraordinary skills working all over the world. He came to Highgate because, in his words, "This is where I can actually make a difference."

And what a difference! Instead of fructose-based juices, he serves milk, iced teas and vitamin waters. He uses less white sugar and fewer refined white starches than most senior living communities, preferring the taste and nutrition of whole grains, legumes, lentils and rice. He brews only 100% Colombian coffee for our residents, has eliminated all saturated fats and uses extra virgin olive oil instead, insists on pasteurized whole eggs, and is a big believer in fresh fruits and vegetables.

Fine dining at  Highgate Senior Living

When you can breathe in that wonderful aroma of onions, garlic and herbs and see the commotion of chopping, dicing and sauteing, you know the food is made from scratch. Khalid likes to think of it as "organized chaos," resulting in meals that are nutritious and delicious. But just because we're health-conscious doesn't mean we don't love our desserts. You'll savor Highgate's sweet delights, and there's always a sugar-free choice among them.

Choice is a high priority at Highgate. Look for our signature breakfasts with multiple options to start your day. Choose from four different items at lunch and dinner. Dress your own potato at our potato bar. Enjoy afternoon tea, London-style. Watch for our Chef's Choice, Resident's Choice, and Team Member's Choice meals. Choice is what makes Highgate such a choice community!