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Founders Club

The reward of living at Highgate Senior Living at Flagstaff are great. For our Highgate Founders Club members, the rewards are even greater! For more information contact us today, space is limited.

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Our members get to enjoy these exclusive offers:

  • Suite Rate Lock - For your financial peace of mind, we offer all Founders Club members a rate lock on your suite for 24 months.
  • Spa or Salon Treatment - To enhance your sense of wellbeing, we offer members a free spa or salon treatment every month for 12 months.
  • TV, Tablet and Cable - To help you stay connected to friends, family, and the world beyond our doors, we offer a TV, digital tablet, and one year of free cable.
  • Guest Meals - For maintaining your mealtime traditions, we offer 50 free guest meal vouchers to share with anyone you wish, anytime you wish.
  • Maintenance Service - To make your suite feel like home, we offer 2 hours of complementary maintenance service to arrange and customize your belongings.

Founders Club rewards are offered to a limited number of first residents, so make your move to Highgate and join today!

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*these offers are only available to the first residents of our Highgate at Flagstaff community and do not apply to our other communities.